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This is a Journey....How to Be a Zillionaire


Actually, Im quite lazy to update my blog..hahaha...dont be like that laa, the solution is you just post other entry from other blog that related to what you want to write about okay..


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Just want to share my last week experiences attending....

RKSS Training Programmes to Improve Employability of Accounting Graduates

A picture with the owner of A.Razak & Co.
(from left: Siti, Me, Zaqwan, En. Razak, Firdaus, Rahimi, Munzir)

This 5 days program is related with accounting, auditing and taxation..very interesting..the program is like an orientation program for the fresh graduated students to face the real world of work..definitely not same with university world wrap it up, best laa this program..best2!!

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